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Heather MacKay

Heather brings a breath of fresh air and a boost of positivity to her yoga classes and to everyone she meets. Her love for yoga began in 2001 on a cruise ship and she has been practicing ever since! In September of 2018 she completed her SUP Yoga Training with Floating Yogi’s and loved teaching so much that she completed her 200 hour with You Are Sacred School of Yoga in 2019 and has also completed her 300 hour certification. Heather also recently completed her Gravity Yoga Teacher Training. She is also an ASFA Certified Pilates Instructor.

Mary Reaston

Mary’s love for the water and yoga led her to Floating Yogi’s in 2018. She was hooked immediately and became a certified SUP Yoga Teacher in January 2019. She is has completed her Gravity Yoga training as well as her 200 hour and 300 Yoga Teacher Training. Mary also recently became ASFA certified in Pilates and is certified in Yin Yoga. Mary’s background is in kinesiology and anatomy, which has enhanced her yoga practice as well as teaching. For her, SUP Yoga is her peaceful, happy place!

Autumn Moon

Autumn is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, currently completing the last bit of her training to become an accredited Yoga Therapist! She is passionate about the work she does because it has changed her life for the better in the BIGGEST ways. To be able to share the healing and bliss with others is her dream come true!!

There are so many beautiful things about yoga and yoga therapy that get overlooked or are just unknown in general. One of Autumn’s favorite things about yoga therapy is the ability to live yoga on and off of the mat. To embody the oneness. Oneness of self, with universal soul, oneness with all beings everywhere. To live in a state of awareness. Being the observer of your thoughts, the way you communicate with self and with others, the way you react, and the way you are showing up in life.

Autumn offers elemental healing support by helping others to understand the relationship of our inner and outer nature. Tap into the energy of changing seasons and even the smaller shifts such as time of day moving into night & how it affects our moods, digestion, & many more variables! Allow your senses to open up and be soothed by simply becoming aware of the connectivity of it all. Yoga Therapy works from the inside out, getting to the roots that prevent symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms themselves. It encompasses all the realms of health creating an optimal way of living.